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Under the torture of the soul of "what are you garbage," the discussion of garbage classification remains undiminished, and the entrepreneurial concept around garbage classification seems to be even more in full swing.

Recently, through WeChat search for spam classification keywords, the small program on garbage classification has rapidly increased to more than 100. The garbage classification applet on the Alipay platform has accumulated more than one million new users. In addition, the spam-free service is highly sought after, and some courier companies, second-hand e-commerce and take-out platforms are trying to launch this new service.

According to Tianyue data, there are more than 1,000 garbage sorting companies registered in 2019. Last week, 53 related companies were registered, and only on July 1st, there were 6 related companies registered.

However, this Internet entrepreneurial enthusiasm seems to be taking the opportunity to start, and it seems to be moving. The stock classification concept that has become a hot plate and has a lot of daily limit is relatively calmer. One share and green power have announced that the company does not involve Garbage classification related business.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, but it is even more difficult to pursue the wind blindly.

A not so good track

The opportunity brought about by the enforcement of garbage classification has caused many people to smash this big cake. Some insiders predict that the scale of the sanitation industry will reach 200 billion to 300 billion yuan in 10 years.

But helplessly, in the entire waste treatment industry chain, front-end classification, mid-end collection and transportation, and back-end disposal, there are many branches in each link. From the different types of garbage sorting and transportation, to the supply and operation of different sanitation equipment, and the recycling or recycling of renewable resources after garbage sorting, each track is crowded with competitors.

xxAnd the head effect of these market segments is gradually becoming apparent. For example, as for sanitation equipment, as of 2015, there are as many as 260 production enterprises in China's sanitation vehicle market, but only three of them have an annual output of more than 3,000. The top 10 enterprises maintain a relatively stable market share, while some markets have poor competitiveness. Equipment providers with low new product development capabilities are facing market elimination.

Under such a competitive situation, the Internet has cut into the traditional sanitation market, and it is afraid that it can only start from the C-side garbage sorting service, but correspondingly, this also limits the extension of its future industrial chain.

According to wind data statistics, from June to July 3, 16 of the 17 waste sorting concept stocks recorded an increase, and 12 of them rose by more than 10%, especially Willy, Longma Sanitation, China Tianzhu, etc. The increase is above 40%.

These concept companies have risen sharply with the enthusiasm and policy support of the waste sorting, but in fact many of them do not involve the waste sorting business, or only a small part of the company's revenue. For example, Longma sanitation, 9 garbage sorting projects, 4 separate billing waste sorting projects, the quarterly contract amount is only 418,900 yuan, accounting for 0.05% of the company's main business income.

Therefore, the lack of traditional sanitation companies in the garbage sorting service may just be an opportunity for the Internet to cut into this industry.

In fact, some Internet startups have noticed the business opportunities earlier. As the largest renewable resource intelligent recycling startup company in the past, Xiaohuang Dog won the A-round financing of 1.05 billion yuan of Zhongzhi Group in June 2018; the flash recycling of the digital product recycling trading platform was nearly 100 million yuan in round of financing last year. The investor is Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital; in 2014, the life in Beijing started to cover more than 1,000 local communities, with more than 300,000 registered users.

xxHowever, there are two points worth noting. First, these environmentally-friendly startups, which were favored by capital last year, concentrated their business on idle and old-fashioned recycling rather than garbage sorting. Second, Xiaohuanggou is in the process of bankruptcy and reorganization, and life is hard to profit. In 2017, the remaining electronics recycling projects or companies, most of them are Ali, Jingdong, Xiaomi and other industry giants in the financial support.

It can be seen that the entrepreneurial concept of "Internet + garbage collection" still has doubts about various aspects such as business model, profit pressure and recycling process.

Internet, venture capital, and entrepreneurs share garbage?

After Shanghai enforced the classification of garbage, Shanghai residents are subject to torture from the soul every day: “What is rubbish?” Once the garbage sorting service is sought after as a pioneering business like the sharing economy, the entrepreneurs and investors will be in the cafe in the future. I am afraid, "What kind of garbage company is it?" and "What kind of garbage company did you invest in?"

In 2018, the Internet gulf disappeared. In 2019, the fresh air vents disappeared. If you look for a concept that can be touted, packaged, and change the world from the garbage classification, it is still difficult for Internet practitioners, not just for the image. And brand issues.

For now, the generation of garbage disposal service is currently the most intuitive direction of entrepreneurship, Alipay, hungry and some courier companies have launched on-line garbage sorting and recycling platform to provide generation of throwing services.

In terms of door-to-door collection, the first thing that does not focus on investors is the rate of return. The generation of throwing garbage is nothing more than transferring the user's transaction link to the online, and still performing offline employees or scavengers. The labor, operation, management and cost of this part of the manpower are actually not because of Internet access. And become efficient. Moreover, the uncontrollable labor cost also makes the profit prospects of the business model not optimistic.















Foreign Intuitive AI引入了一种名为OSCAR的废物分类系统。该系统具有32英寸显示屏和智能相机,使用机器学习算法识别用户的手并告诉用户下一步该做什么。该解决方案主要针对住宅,机场,学校,企业园区和其他应用场景,并已在加拿大温哥华机场和弗雷泽大学实施。


值得一提的是,Intuitive AI还计划将其智能垃圾桶的概念产品众筹,但它最终被取消,因为他们认为此类产品无法很好地教育用户,无法培养用户的正确生活。 (垃圾处理)习惯和环保意识。




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